Meet Niko

Hello Groom and Bride!

 I am Niko and I am the mind and the heart behind the cameras of NCH Films and the head of the team of friends and believers in the power of good storytelling.  

I have been filming weddings since 2013 now with over 100+ weddings under my belt. I fuse together my background as a cinematography school graduate, a photographer, and a cinematographer with your vision to create a unique cinematic experience, a wedding film that shows your essence and true nature of your love for each other. I train my team to see things the way I see them and always encourage them to try new things, new ways of capturing true emotions and candid moments while staying true documentarians who will remain attentive yet unobtrusive, capturing the intimacy of your special day with greatest care, so that the final film will look like no other film you have ever seen in your life.

My goal is to tell stories earnestly with humility and passion, and I’d love to tell your story, so SEND ME A MESSAGE!