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Punta Cana Wedding, Jelly Fish, Dominican Republic

Destination PUNTA CANA Wedding, Jelly Fish Restaurant, Dominican Republic

Let me tell you about this beautiful couple and their Punta Cana wedding! First of all, Adela & Ciprian were so young when they first met, just two kids, young and free. Growing up in Cleveland they had the same group of friends, went to the same middle school; high school, and part of the university. Over their teenage years they became really good friends and even started dating, Ciprian always knew he wanted to marry Adela while a Punta Cana wedding wasn’t even a dream.

Since they were too young and needed to prepare themselves for their great future,  as a result, life separated them. It is true when people say that the timing has to be right! In 2011 Adela went to live in Chicago and started a new journey in her life, and Ciprian stayed in Cleveland. Many years passed and they completely lost communication. Until the day when Adela came to visit her family and friends back home in Cleveland. And they finally saw each other once again after four years being apart.

Together forever

Since that exact day, Ciprian was absolutely convinced that he wanted to share the rest of his life with her. Ciprian took Adela by the hand and walked her through Memory Lane – which contained memories and pictures capturing the sweet memories they’d shared over the past fourteen years of our friendship. There at the end of their Memory Lane, they shared a kiss and instantly knew it was going to be forever.

Together they dealt with the loss of their loving mothers who they believe brought them back together. Our mothers would be very happy and proud right now to see their kids living their happily-ever-after love story”, they say.   We truly are soulmates… Our love is unconditional and there are no words to describe how much we adore each other. We were always meant to be, and this is just the beginning of our story…

As a result of love today, Adela & Ciprian are happy and waiting for their first baby girl. And this child is going to be a very good-looking little person, considering how beautiful her parents are.

Ciprian & Adela, we wish you happiness and a life full of love and prosperity!

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