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Destination PUNTA CANA JELLYFISH WEDDING, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Jellyfish wedding is something truly special! When I asked Shane, what would be the word that describes them as a couple, they answered immediately without a second thought that the word that describes them was “Lucky”.   And I am sure that this is definitely the proper word to describe this couple!  Shane & Chelsea found each other on November 10, 2014, at After this, they went for a date at Toby Keith’s, one of Chelsea’s favorite bars in Rosemont just a few days later. And this wonderful date ended up lasting until 4 AM, closing the bar. The best first date of Chelsea’s life finished with a kiss and another date set-up for the upcoming Friday.  They have been together ever since and have never gone a day without talking.

Shane and Chelsea are both teachers who love what they do, even in the very hard trying times. They build each other up and support each other in all activities they do. They are a very active couple. Shane and Chelsea love to be outside, at the lake, at Cubs games, riding bikes, and traveling as much as they can. And they plan to continue doing this for the rest of their lives… how crazy!

Jellyfish Restaurant helped their dream come true

Bride and groom loved the idea that we were taking a vacation with the most important people in their lives, being all together and getting married!  Shane and Chelsea’s beautiful tropical themed destination wedding at Jelly Fish Restaurant in Punta Cana was exactly all they wished for and more… A real party since beginning till end!  Lots of laughing, love, and celebrating. See it for yourself and enjoy!

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